Give Kids the World and the Disney Community ~

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When Nicole and I began our blog we had no clue of the new world we would be exposed to. We have met, through social media, a truly wonderful group of people. This community of Disney writers is comprised of compassionate individuals who not only want to share their enthusiasm and love for a magical place but want to make a difference in the lives of others. This difference is with Give Kids the World nonprofit Village.

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In becoming a part of the Disney community I have learned of this wonderful place, Give Kids the World Village. This is a “storybook” resort located in Kissimmee, Florida, where children with life threatening illnesses along with their families are able to stay and experience Central Florida’s most fun parks and places at no cost.  This is possible through donations and the many volunteers that give of their time to help bring a memorable and fantastically fun experience for these children and their families. I encourage you to go to their website, GKTW  and “like” their facebook page to read more about this inspiring place.

Give kids the world

Two Moms and a Mouse want to join our fellow Disney bloggers to raise donations and awareness for Give Kids the World Village. We have decided to do this in honor of the Ice Cream for Breakfast Campaign. This campaign was started by former wish family who celebrates the anniversary of their stay at GKTW by eating ice cream for breakfast every year, just as they did at the village!

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GKTW Village has an Ice Cream Palace that serves the sweet treat up in cones, cups, milkshakes, sundaes and banana splits beginning at 7:30 in the morning! Just $25.00 will provide unlimited ice cream and all the toppings one could think of for an entire family for an entire week!  Ice cream always makes me smile so I would love to make these children and their families smile too with as many trips to the Ice Cream Palace morning, noon, and night!

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What Can You Do?

~ Maureen ºoº

Quick Tip Tuesday ~ Where the Magic lies in the Magic Kingdom

Visiting the Magic Kingdom is innately a Magical experience and there is no doubt you will return home with an abundance of Disney memories that will last a lifetime. But to truly take in all that this Kingdom has to offer,  you must slow your pace and listen.  For what you ask?  For the sounds that are hinting to where the Magic lie.

Listen for the Walt Disney World Railroad steam whistle; it blows a welcome that says, “come experience what life has to offer.”  The sounds of the horse hooves as they clip clop down Main Street tell you to slow down and enjoy the sites.  The hypnotizing beat of the tiki drums lure you deeper into Adventurland.


The twang of the banjo and the unhurried whine of the fiddle will set your pace through Frontierland.  The steam whistle of the Liberty Square River Boat calls you down to the Rivers of America.


Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel plays to a tune that will no doubt make you feel a little more lighthearted and the sounds of Astro Orbiter blasting off into space prepare you for futuristic journeys.

Upon your next visit to the Happiest Place on Earth ~ slow down and listen for the magic.


~ Maureen


It’s Raining in the Magic Kingdom ~ Oh What Fun!

A rainy day at the Magic Kingdom is better than a sunny day at home.  No one wants to have a wash out during their vacation, but just because it’s raining doesn’t mean Mickey’s magical fun stops.  Rain or shine the Magic Kingdom promises to deliver marvelous memories and fantastic fanfare!

016 (3) DSCF0146

Put on your poncho and don’t forget your smile, you’re in the Magic Kingdom, the happiest place on earth!  Usually the Florida rain is quick to roll in and quick to roll out, but if it decides to make itself at home, no worries the excitement does not come to an end.  Most attractions are indoors where you will feel the sunshine beaming in.  Take the opportunity to browse through the gift shops or enjoy a leisure lunch with your family and friends.  Take a ride on Splash Mountain and sit in the front seat, “You’re gonna get wet!”, but who cares it’s raining anyway!

010 (3)  DSCF0144

The show must go on…… and go on it does.  When the rain drops fall always look for the rainbow ~ and here it comes, Disney’s Rainy Day Cavalcade!  Mickey and his pals would never miss an opportunity to welcome and greet their guests, so on rainy days the Main Street vehicles escort them through the parade route to the tune of “Singing in the Rain” ~ go ahead, get into the spirit and jump in that rain puddle!

Magic Kingdom’s  Rainy Day Cavalcade by Mr DizneyKing ~

So if it’s raining on the day you plan to visit the Magic Kingdom, turn your frown upside down because  ~ A rainy day at the Magic Kingdom is better than a sunny day at home :)


~ Maureen

A Classic Fairytale with a Modern Twist ~ Cinderella and her Running Shoes


Welcome to those of you joining me from Frontierland Station and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the  Final stop on our Magical Blogorail.”

This is a story of a classic fairytale with a modern twist ~

She slid on her finest pair of running shoes, the new 2014 New Balance Cinderella sneakers.  Though she bought them nearly six months ago they were in mint condition, no princess would ever be caught with disheveled shoes!  She was on her way to Central Park for her longest run yet – 8 miles. She had a whole 7 months to work up to 13.1 miles for the Glass Slipper Challenge; it wasn’t going to be easy but she was more than determined.


It was a rather brisk morning, the chill in the air and the bright orange hues across the tree tops suggested fall was settling in.  It wouldn’t be long before a blanket of white would cover the city; she shook the chilly thought out of her head and set off to achieve her new goal.


She loved to run, it was the only time she felt free, free from the constraints of her tiny apartment.  It was as if she could conquer the world when she was running. She picked up her pace, feeling extra ambitious this particular morning. Something felt different, good different; she lifted her head higher as the chilly air pinched her cheeks.  Her thoughts wandered through her past relationships.  She thought to herself, when would she find her “Prince Charming”?

The next thing she knew she was on the ground.  Some how she had tripped, What just happened?, she thought.  “My shoe! Where is my shoe?!” she said frantically.

“Excuse me, does this belong to you?” She looked down where she saw her Cinderella sneaker held gently within a pair of masculine hands.  As she slowly raised her eyes her jaw dropped open. She had never seen this beautiful creature in the park before.


“Are you ok?” he asked.  “Let me help you up.  My name is Alto, well Al- you can call me Al,”  he said as he helped her to her feet.  “Lean on my shoulder,” he  slipped her royal sneaker back onto her foot.

She had yet to speak a word.  She thought, where is my voice?  She took a deep breath, “ Thank you. My name is Ella, you can call me…… Ella,”  she said with a smirk hoping he had a sense of humor.

They began walking together; she forgot all about her 8 mile run.  As time seemed to stand still she glanced down at her armband that was still velcro’d securely around her upper arm.

“OH NO!  I have to run, I’m late! I’m so sorry.  It was so nice to meet you, thank you for your help!” she called back as she sprinted down the park’s walkway.

For a moment Alto stood still in disbelief, he couldn’t believe she was gone. He continued along the walkway that they had just indulged in deep conversation, his thoughts completely focused on her. There is something different about Ella, he thought.  He just couldn’t get her out of his mind.  As he shuffled his feet along the walkway he came across a blue satin ribbon.


“That’s the ribbon from Ella’s sneaker,” he said out loud to himself.  He began to feel an excitement in which he didn’t quite understand and without another clear thought he began to run.  He assumed he was running to find Ella, but how was that possible when she had left him over fifteen minutes ago?  He didn’t care, he continued to run without reason.  As he rounded the corner, there coming toward him in the same fashion was Ella.  Relief washed across him as if he had just found a long lost heirloom.  She ran straight to him smiling so brightly that it made him feel as if her smile was meant solely for him.

“I found your ribbon after you ran off,”  he said as he once again knelt down to assist her with her royal sneaker.

“Al?” she said as if she had something very important to ask him.

He gazed up at her longing for her to speak her next words just so he could hear her voice again.

“I am on my way to a ball room dance class, would you care to join me?”

He slowly rose from his kneeling position, though his heart felt as if it were beating faster and harder than a horse galloping through a field.  “I would be honored to accompany you to your dance class Ella.” How he loved the way her name sounded as it rolled off his tongue.  He put his crooked arm out and she intertwined her arm with his.  Off they went arm and arm with boundless possibilities surrounding them.  Both knew there was something different about the other, a good different.

As their dance lesson came to an end, neither was ready to say goodbye.  They found themselves sitting in a diner a block down the street.  Both Alto and Ella talked how this was their favorite place to eat and each one claimed to frequent the restaurant, yet neither had ever seen the other there.  The evening progressed from dinner to dessert and still neither was ready for it to end.


As they walked out into the starry night, this time hand in hand, a horse and carriage stopped in front of them.  Alto turned his head toward Ella and once again she smiled at him with that incredibly bright smile that he now knew was made just for him.

“Your carriage awaits my lady”, he said as he gestured his hand toward the open aired entry.  She stepped into her future with Alto right behind her.  As the horse and carriage journeyed down the street, off in the distance the faint sound of church bells could be heard ringing.


Thank you for joining Magical Blogorail Red this month. We will be back on September 4th with an all new theme. Keep checking in with our blogs in between loops to keep up to date with our Disney info, photos and stories. If you are looking for more Disney magic, you can make your way over to The Magical Blogorail website to see all our members and their blogs, as well as all our previous loops.

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:


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Quick Tip Tuesday ~ Personalizing Your Disney Resort Room Window

Want to make your #Disneyside shine even brighter?!

Put your own person touch on your resort room; show everyone who your favorite character or princess is, add lights, window decals, Disney plush.

window decal 1

window  decal 2

If  it’s a holiday, incorporate that into your decorations as well.

window decal 4window decal 3

How about creating your own handmade Disney Décor – take a trip to your local craft store and let your imagine go!

window decal 5

Do you decorate your window while at your favorite Disney resort?  Tell us about it!


Quick Tip Tuesday ~ We LOVE the Disney Dining Plans

Nicole and I love Disney Dining and we LOVE the Disney Dining Plan?  Why you ask?  When you select a Disney Dining plan ~

  • Your dining is pre-paid, allowing for a more enjoyable experience.  No need to worry what your bill totals to!
  •  Character dining can be expensive – but with the dining plan it is more affordable.  Depending on which plan you choose will depend on the percentage you can save!


  • It allows you to try a variety of different foods that you may not other wise try- depending on the dining plan you choose will depend on what is included with your meal- such as an appetizer or dessert.


  •  And finally…….. You receive a resort (free) refillable mug with your dining plan!  Even if you don’t have the need to refill, refill, refill- you will have a great souvenir to drink out of at home!

QT tuesday 1

Disney Dining plans may not be the best choice for everyone- but they are certainly worth checking out.  Have you used a Disney Dining Plan?  Which is your favorite and why?


Quick Tip Tuesday ~ Making your Meals more Magical ºoº (part 1)

Dining is one of my favorite features about Disney. Whether it is a Quick Service meal or a Table Service selection, dining at Disney adds even more magical experiences to your enchanted vacation.

One of those enchanted magic experiences is the opening ceremony held by Table Service restaurants across Walt Disney World property.  If you have booked the first time slot for a dining reservation, you will have the opportunity to participate in an opening ceremony~ they are always looking for volunteers!  Each restaurant has their own special ritual that could include singing, dancing, or instruments – this makes for great fun, unforgettable pictures and that added Disney magic!

musical beat


I Took the Leap to Become a runDisney Princess

When registration opens for a runDisney event there is an influx of blog posts about each runner’s excitement and personal goals and individual stories.  Why is this? – Let me digress for just a moment.

run post7run post 6

I too have jumped into the corral – team – sorority  of runDisney runners; why?  My “at the moment” answer is simply, “I LOVE DISNEY”, and want to be a part of this awesome event.  To add to this, I get to convert my run wear into a princess outfit!  I am so excited about this!

run post9

I do like to exercise and I actually use to run as a 20 something year old, but those days are long behind me.  I felt inspired about running again when my DBFF (Disney Best Friend Forever) came to my neck of the woods, (NY) for a visit.


She invited me to run with her; I was a little nervous that I would hold her back.  As we set out on our jogging journey, Nicole informed me of a program she was using to train by Jeff Galloway.  I won’t go into detail because at this time I am not knowledgeable enough to speak on it, but here is the website, runDisney Training .  What I can say is it incorporates a walk/run schedule in different intervals depending on your skill level (and as you progress) that allows anyone to obtain and succeed their fitness goal(s).  In fact this is actually a healthier way for your body to integrate running into a fitness routine.  Because of this program I was able to keep pace with Nicole though I haven’t run in ages.

Why did I choose to register for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2015?


I have been somewhat aware of these marathon events over the years and thought, “How cool!  I would love to do this.”  Last year Nicole registered for the first time and I was sooo excited for her, (a little jealous) but mostly tickled princess pink with excitement!  She set personal goals and stuck to them; she was determined to accomplish her goals and she did, and it was very inspiring to watch.


It was then that I knew I wanted more than ever to be apart of this inspirational event, and of course with my Disney sister Nicole.  Registration for the Princess Marathon Weekend 2015 has opened and I am now a contender in this event presented by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!  I have registered for the Disney Princess 5K and Disney Enchanted 10K and I intend to implement Jeff Galloway’s program to prepare for these royal inspired events.




Nicole is raising the stakes this year and has added to her run agenda, The Disney Princess Half Marathon and the Glass Slipper Challenge!runpost11

Now, back to the question at the beginning of this article, why are there so many blog posts about runDisney?  I decided to search around a bit and read the articles written by these runDisney fans.  This is what I gathered.  When something inspires you so much it gets into your core being and you want to share it with the world, these events are a passion for so many people.  Some are novice runners where others are accomplished marathon champions, but I believe it all comes down to a common purpose that connects these Disney runners. Though each individual has their own personal reasons or set goals, they are all running for a cause- to get stronger, to fight for a cure, to support a friend, to accomplish a goal, to bond with a loved one- there are an abundance of wonderful stories out there.

run post 9

It isn’t about who runs the fastest; it’s about supporting and cheering on your fellow runDisney family members.  It’s about celebrating everyone’s individual accomplishments and let’s not forget the added bonus that makes it all over the top, Mickey’s Magical Touch.


I am so excited and honored to begin my runDisney journey, to set my own goals and celebrate my own accomplishments as well as the accomplishments of all the other amazing runDisney champions!



Quick Tip Tuesday ~ Ordering a Specialty Disney Cake

Celebrating a special occasion at Disney is the utmost awesome experience!  Everyday at Disney is a day filled with magic and wonder, add into the mix your special occasion and you have a recipe for pure enchantment!


There are many ways Disney helps to create extra magical experiences for your special occasion and today’s tip is all about the CAKE!  Who wouldn’t love to receive a specialty cake just for them in honor of their special day or celebration?!



This is an easy magical moment to create.  Just call the Walt Disney World Resort at (407) 827-2253 or the Disneyland Resort at (714) 781-DINE or (714) 781-3463, at least 72 hours in advance to order your customized cake, this magical feature is available at most Table- Service Restaurants on property.


Have you ever ordered or received a special occasion cake while at a Disney Parks Restaurant or cruise?